10 Reasons Why I'm Glad It's Fall

Mere seconds before the leaves fell... really.

Yes, it's Fall.  And I love it.  Please don't hate me and throw your boots at me -- you'll need those in a month.  OMG, just kidding.  I still love you, and Fall, and if you read my list, you just might like it too...

1: The weather is cooler and much more tolerable. 
Do not let my tanned island-girl exterior fool you. I not only hate extreme cold, but extreme heat as well, and Winnipeg can reach up to the mid-30 Celsius range with a lovely matching humidity. Gross.
Fall is just right. So is Spring, but that's for the "10 reasons why I'm glad it's spring" list.

2: Fall fashions finally return.
Boots. Trench coats. Scarves (or in my case, sarong as scarf). Knits. Soft hats. Frankly, I'm tired of the almost-naked attire choices. To stay comfy, I have to wear very little, which means more sun exposure. And fat exposure. Again, gross.

3: My birthday! Woohoo! 
I'm one of those people who totally adore celebrating their birthday. Hey, I took a ride around the sun! And I'm still alive! Isn't that something to "Woohoo!" about?!

4: Fall tv schedule. 
I don't know about you, but I find end-of-season cliffhangers completely suckish.  Completely. I blame Dallas and the whole "Who Shot JR?" I wish I'd shot JR and ended this whole farce. But over the summer, I do miss new episodes of all my returning faves, and I'm glad they're back, like an old friend... who owes you money.

5: Flannel sheets.
I love flannel sheets! They're warm before you even get in! I'm all for the soft-n-cuddly.

6: Stews!
My stews rock... 1 pound of stewing beef, chopped carrot, chopped parsnip, thyme, stock.
Simmer for 3 hours.
Then smear all over your body.
Oh, wait, no -- eat.
Too warm and heavy for the summer, but perfect for the Fall.

7: No more mosquitoes.
I apparently have delicious blood. The little vampires just love me. And it's so nice when it gets cool enough to make these jerks miraculously vanish.

8: The return to a schedule.
With hubby and the kids back at their respective schools, life's become more predictable.  Seriously, if left to our own devices, we'd never get anything done. Why? Because we suck at planning. During the summer, we rarely planned anything. We would wake up and decide what to do that day. But because we also suck at making decisions, we would end up just watching tv or napping. Okay, that's not bad either.

9: Festivities - Halloween and Thanksgiving.
I LOVE food- and costume-centric holidays. Okay, I love the food part. Turkey and pineapple-glazed ham make my world go 'round.

10: Christmas shopping.
I don't often shop. I always feel guilty when I spend money on myself. But since I usually buy my own Christmas presents (Cam and the kids wrap them up and put them under the tree, then I act all "Oh, how beautiful! I had no idea! It's just what I wanted!" And they giggle. Like school kids. Even Cam.), I can go crazy! Within budget.

Bonus: The return of body hair.
Since I'm covering everything up anyway, I don't have to shave my legs. Booyah!!!

Okay, your turn.  Why are YOU glad it's Fall?  And if you're not... geez, why the hell not?! (I still love you though.)

100 Things About Me.

If you're new to, well, me, you've not read my old blog.  Which means you know very little about me.  We totally need to change that!

Here we go...

1: I'm a Scorpio and a Yin Earth Rooster.

2: My birthstone is Topaz, but I've always wished it was Ruby.

3: I'm 5'3".  Small-boned.

4: I inherited my mother's thick hair and my father's waves.  Apparently, this is a good thing.

5: I was born via emergency C-section, 2 weeks overdue... or so they thought.

6: I'm the 1st grandchild on my father's side, and the 4th on my mother's side.

7: I have no biological brothers or sisters... that I know of.

8: When I was 2, my grandmother gave me a chicken for a pet. It died when I gave it a bath and left it out in the hot sun to dry.  No, we didn't eat it.  Gross.

9: My parents and I moved to Canada four days before my 4th birthday.

10: After all these years in Canada speaking almost only English, I am still able to speak Tagalog.

11: My nickname growing up in the Philippines was "Candy", because my neighbourhood friends thought the reason I was so fat was because I'd eaten lots of candy.  Of course, I thought it was just lovely and insisted my family call me that too.

12: I have decided that Candy will be my stripper name -- you know, just like Clark Kent's stripper name is Superman... oh no, wait...

13: I introduce myself as Nenette nowadays.  Some family and old special friends still call me Candy, and I'm okay with that.

14: I know how to play the organ, piano, and bass guitar.

15: I also know Tae Kwon Do and Sikaran-Arnis.

16: At one point in my adolescence, my parents had enrolled me in organ lessons, piano lessons, swimming classes, figure-skating classes, tae kwon do classes, and hula dance classes all at the same freakin' time. The only night I had free was Sunday -- but it wasn't free because we were at church and choir practice all day.

17The only lessons I truly regret being forced to take were the organ lessons. I could've used that hour to watch episodes of The Rockford Files. Kidding about the Rockford Files.

18I really wanted to take singing lessons and guitar lessons.  So I could be like Charo.  Kidding about Charo.  Although I do think she's cool.

19: I did make money by playing the organ for weddings and funerals.

20: I started wearing glasses in Grade 4. My eyesight is now so bad that I need my glasses or contact lenses to see beyond a foot in front of my face. I want Lasik so bad, but I'll wait until I don't have to sell my body to afford it.

21: When I was 13, my orphaned 18yo cousin on my mother's side came from the Philippines to live with us. We are close, we've been through hell together, and I consider her my sister.

22: Some people think my first celebrity crush was Scott Baio. Actually, it was Donny Osmond. Because, you know, he was a little bit rock 'n' roll.

23I went to Catholic elementary school. My parents claim that I was the first Filipino student to attend that school.  

24: I went to an all-girls' Catholic private high school. At graduation, I tried to burn my uniform. It just melted. It was made of polyester.

25: Despite being raised Catholic, I now practice a combination Catholic/Buddhist/Pagan approach to religion. Having overly-devout, near-fanatically religious parents was a HUGE factor.

26:  I wore braces for 3 1/2 years, had surgery to fix my diastema, had surgery to remove my 4 wisdom teeth, and wear bridges to replace 2 teeth that never grew in. I'm now officially a robot.

27I had glasses, braces, and a bad tight perm.  Needless to say, I never dated in high school. 

28: I played organ for my parents' choir at church every Sunday for 6 years. I don't ever recall agreeing to do it, but there I was.

29: I have a degree in computer engineering.  I have the Iron Ring too.  Canadian engineers get those.

30: I wish I hadn't gone back to Engineering school after 1st year.  I would've gone to Human Ecology and become a nutritionist.

31: According to Myers-Briggs, I'm an INFJ and a very extroverted introvert.

32: I moved out of my parents' house when I was 23.  My first apartment was in a bad neighbourhood. I'd find fresh drops of blood on the stairs just outside my suite at least once a week.

33: I prefer to drive standard, although my current vehicle is automatic and a minivan, which I love.

34: I've only ever had 3 boyfriends.

35: Which means I've only ever been intimate with 3 men.  (See?!  This is a totally TMI kinda blog!)

36: After being a hula & tahitian dancer for 30 years, I finally took the plunge in 2005 and opened my own hula halau (school) called Makana Aloha Hula Dance School & Performance Group.

37: After only 2 months of opening, I was interviewed for a "dance for fitness" article in the national fashion magazine Flare.

38: In December 2006, I closed the doors of my Hula School after only 1.5 years of operation, because I felt like I was missing too much of my children's young lives.

39: After the school's closing, the calls for classes still consistently continued to come.  Eventually, by June 2009, it got so frustrating that I decided to change my cellphone number.

: I lived in Hawai'i for 5 months.

: No matter how idyllic living in Hawai'i was, I'd be hard pressed to live longterm in the US again.

: I love being Canadian.

: I love being a Filipina too.

: My favourite colour is burgundy.

: My favourite scents to wear are coconut and jasmine.

: I love reading. My favourite genre is erotic-romance, followed closely by sci-fi and historical-romance.

: My favourite books are Dune, The Brideand Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Honourable mention goes to Bridge Across Forever by Richard Bach. None of those are erotica.

: I would be happy eating garlic fried rice, sashimi, and creme brulee every day for the rest of my life.

49: My favourite fruit are blueberries.

50: My favourite junk foods are Sweet Chili Heat Doritos and ginger ale.

: If I could only have 5 tv channels, they would be Space, HGTV, FoodTV, Discovery, and any channel that will give me my current favourite show The 100.

52: My favourite tv show of all time is Newsradio. I own the DVDs for the first four seasons only because those were the shows with Phil Hartman and were the funniest. I have no plans to own any of the following seasons. The "No Bill MacNeil" seasons don't exist to me.

53: Despite my favourite show being a comedy, I'm addicted to science fiction and faithfully watched all episodes of Farscape, Stargate:Atlantis, and all Star Trek shows (except that nausea-inducing DS9) until they were canceled.

54: My favourite bands of all time are No Doubt, Depeche Mode, and The Police. Honourable mention: Duran Duran.

55: My favourite actor is not my pretend boyfriend Gerard Butler.

56: I love watching movies, but prefer to wait until a movie goes to Netflix before watching it... unless it has theatre-worthy special effects.

57: When watching movies at a theatre, I prefer to be by myself. So that I don't have anyone talking to me during the movie.

58: My favourite movies of all time are Monty Python & the Holy GrailA Room with a View, and When Harry Met Sally, none of which I've ever watched in a theatre.

59: I very rarely drink alcohol, but when I do, my drink of choice is gin & tonic.

60: I prefer to drink water, green tea, or Darjeeling tea.

61: I hate when people drop by unannounced. If you do, you will be forced to see me in my sexy ketchup stained t-shirt and the yoga pants with the weird hole in the shin where I cut it by accident during a scissor mishap. I know, so hot, right?

62: I will never eat balut again in my entire life. Same with peanut butter.

63: I hate talking on the phone. If you call me, you will be speaking to my machine. I will then call you back and talk to *your* machine.

64: I would rather be too hot than too cold. Actually, I have a very narrow temperature range of comfort -- I will still complain (a lot) if I'm too hot.

65: I am the only filipino I know who doesn't LOVE Karaoke. There. I said it.

66: I hate the word "moist".

67: I hate rollercoasters and have repeatedly refused to ride them after a trip to Chicago's Six Flags when I was 19. I looked up and saw the rollercoaster cars airborne during a turn.

68: My biggest, most-selfish dream right now is to travel... a lot.

69: A less-selfish dream of mine is to design and build an earth-friendly, energy-efficient, minimalist home for my family on the very spot where my current house is.

70: I have horribly inappropriate crushes on Jared Padalecki, Rob Pattinson, and Joe Jonas.

71: If I hadn't married and had kids, I'd probably be living in Toronto or Vancouver. With a cat. I'd be Cat-Lady, and probably not in a hot, sexy, crime-fighting way.

72: For my first 25 years, people guessed I was East Indian, Canadian First Nations, Thai, Laotian, Malaysian, or Singaporean -- NEVER Filipina.

73: I don't find reincarnation completely unbelieveable.

74: I don't actually believe in a hell... or a heaven, either.

75: My thumbs are different.  From each other.

76: I hate parting with books. I need to know that the person I'm giving the book to will treasure it like I did.

77: I know all the words to the Spiderman Theme from the 60s, and I sing it to my kids upon request, much to the amusement of the people at the mall one March afternoon.

78: I take my hot dogs and burgers with only ketchup and maybe mustard.

79: I'm a morning person, and love getting up earlier than anyone else. The morning alone-time is the best.

80: I used to play bass guitar in a new wave rock group called The Contrast. We were also considering calling the band Tragic Element, Mots Nouveau, and The Algonquins. We weren't really serious about the last one. Really.

81: I was a runway model for a small fashion boutique in town.

82: I was also a waitress for a restaurant on university campus while I was finishing my degree.

83: When I lived in Hawai'i, my apartment faced a lagoon, which we had to stroll through to get to the grocery store and mall. Of course the lagoon was filled with crazy tropical ducks. Man, they were nuts.

84: The first thing I notice about men is their height.  I love tall men.

85: I hate washing floors.  Toilets are okay.  Floors are truly gross to me.

86: Tia Carrere would play me in a movie about my life.

87:  My favourite movie quote:  "Goin' on a year now I ain't had nothin' twixt my nethers weren't run on batteries!" - Serenity

88: I love being a dance mom, and I consider the other dance moms some of my greatest friends.

89: I've been dancing hip hop since 2012 at the same dance studio my kids dance at.

90: I recently added jazz to my dance repetoire.

91: I get my hair cut twice a year, not because it grows slowly (it actually grows really fast), but because my stylist gives me these amazing cuts that really work with my hair.  My hair looks really good at whatever length!

92: I knit and crochet like a BOSS.

93: I wear leggings as pants.  I must confess.  But I wear long tops to cover my butt because I'm super self-conscious.

94: I try to stay consistent eating and living Primal/Paleo.  It's easy, right?  No grains, no dairy, no sugar, no bad fat, lots of veggies, lots of fruit (but only after desired weightloss), quality protein, good functional exercise in an interval fashion, resistance training.  It's the whole "making it a habit" that's tough.

95: I'm a cleanse/business coach with Isagenix, and I love helping people get radically healthy and make money.

96: I'm currently writing my first full erotic romance novel.

97: My dream vacation destination: The Mediterranean.

98: I love Moscato and Gin & Tonic.

99:  My favourite season is Spring.

100: No matter how much I complain about my ginormous boobs, I really happy I have them.

9th Annual Freebie Top 5: Who's on YOUR list?

The 5th day of the 5th month has come and gone -- not by much, but still! -- and only now does this list make its appearance here in its new home on SWB!

But when you have to be Dance Mom for a few days, helping your babies prepare for dance competition, sometimes you have to temporarily set aside things like hot males celebrities.
I hope my children appreciate this noble sacrifice.

Anyway, better late than never for something as fun as this!  I welcome you all to our annual...

* Freebie 5 Day *

Every May 5th, we get to share with the world the 5 celebrities we can fool around with -- granted we have the magical powers to convince them into it.

As stated in the title, this is the 9th annual.  It started on my old blog in 2008, and has continued since then.  I miss a few days weeks months of blogging, but I never miss the Freebie List!  It's too fun!

I don't know about you, but my list changes every year.  Like fine wine, hotties mature and happen to qualify for the "half your age plus 7" rule.  Or someone stars in a movie that makes you look at them in a whole new light.  That's why it's always a good idea to review annually.  Don't you agree?  Good to be thorough.

When you have your list, drop it in the comments here or on my Facebook page.

If you're new to this thing, I have guidelines I use when making my list. You may want to follow them too.  There are 5 points (I sense a theme)...

1: Stick to 5. Any more would be greedy, and I'm all about the sharing.
2: Keep it to current humans.  I'm talking *alive and at their present age*. You shouldn't need a time machine to do the nasty with them. Do you hear me, Sylvia?!
3: Speaking of "the nasty", THAT'S ALL THIS IS ABOUT. No relationships. Nothing serious. Think a hot holiday weekend, a steamy night in a hotel, even a 5-minute sexy quickie in the alley. Speaking is optional.
4: This is all in fun. I do not condone stalking for real, so you cannot use "Nenette said it was okay" as your defence when you get arrested for breaking into Hugh Jackman, Jessica Alba, or David Hasselhoff's house. I did not say it was okay. I love y'all but if you do this, you're on your own.
5: Think long and hard about this! This is your list FOR THE YEAR. Pretend it's laminated.

Okay, here we go!...

1:  Bradley Cooper
Seriously, just listen to him!!!

2:  Gerry Butler
Yes, he managed to claw his way back up.  He's still cute and funny.  I can't watch his acting, but in interviews, he has me LOL'ing a lot.

3:  Chris Evans
I watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier recently on Netflix, and I enjoyed it.  Chris Evans really is a great lead.  He was lost as the old Human Torch.  And Chris in a tight white tank shirt is not hard on the eyes.

4:  Sebastian Stan
What?!  Winter Soldier was really good!  And yes, I like long-haired "Winter Soldier" Sebastian Stan over short-haired "Mad Hatter" Sebastian Stan.

5:  Benedict Cumberbatch
No, his appeal didn't vanish with his marriage and fatherhood.  He's still cute and funny and clever.

OK, now who's on YOUR list?  Let me know here or on Facebook!